Story tellers are amazing

I enjoy story telling performers. This is a very creative art and when done correctly can be so entertaining. I recently watched a few story tellers from the Secret Society of Story Tellers YT page.

They were amazing and the stories they told were personal. Even if the stories were creations of their creative minds, the delivery was exceptionally good and very enjoyable. Check them out.

What’s worth writing about?

There are many topics of interest that I could find time to write about. Currently, there is my interest in “All things” related to hair and makeup. I could also go on for days about my super cute grand children. My Spanish class is Muy interesante! However, I don’t see that any of those titles would hold, for the reader, the same interest that it holds for me. In this respect, what is worth writing about. When are writers sure that the topics they choose are worthy of mass consumption? I imagine you can’t really fail if your topic is what’s currently trending on the national news circuit. Does national news really require additional coverage? Do we need extra blogging, tweeting, vlogging, texting, etc. On topics that have been covered to the “N-th” degree, I find it difficult to accept additional coverage from our writers on the sideline (such as myself). The general public might be better served if we tried to strike a balance between national coverage and local or non-national coverage. For example: Say there’s coverage on an impending war between major world powers. This is information that would NO DOUBT make its’ way to the national news circuit. To balance this type of news, local reporters might want to find something to report or write about that was the “Polar opposite” of the national news. A nice celebration of some kind would be opposite of war. Maybe child birth that didn’t include any horrific details. The point is to give a the readers, viewers, and all interested, something different to digest. Hard news, straight up, with no chaser, is a recipe for discontentment. What are your thoughts?

A short story

There is a real delicate balance between a short story and a short story IDEA. I say this because when I think of a short story that “moves” me I imagine what it must have taken for the author to produce the piece of work. I wonder if there was a struggle to cut the story off at a certain point or if it naturally ended in the mind of its creator. I wonder if the author let the story take him/her to the ending or if the conclusion was the sole purpose for writing the piece to begin with. At any rate, there must have been an incredible balance involved. What are your thoughts?

Not Poetic


I love to write. I crave the process of creating a story and experiencing each characters development. One form of writing that I am extremely challenged by is poetry. I am trying to understand why some writers choose to create poetry. I tried to write poems when I was younger but never felt truly successful. Since then, I have not been able to find a place in my heart to express myself with this art form. In comparison, an Artist might choose to use painting  instead of sketching as a form of creative outlet. A Sculptor might choose to sculpt metal instead of clay as a form of creative outlet. Writing poetry is a conscious choice made by creative people. Although there are different forms of this art, I really struggle with writing poems.

I get annoyed by the intricate ways that a poem is written and categorized. Sometimes it is over simplified and can be completely acceptable to write two-line stanza’s. It has a meter or it rhymes or it is constructed is a very specific way. If the poem is telling a story, why not just write a book.

In one sense, Lyricist are poets. I have written many songs and some have even been published and played on the radio stations in the United States and abroad. In my experience, writing songs is very close to writing poetry. I have taken a few poems that I had written when I was younger and transformed them into songs. When I look back on this experience, it seemed to me very much like the same experience an author of a novel would have when their book becomes a movie. The book has so much more depth and detail. The movie taps into different senses and therefore breathes a different depth of experience for the Movie goer.

The only type of poetry I have enjoyed is the “Spoken Word” type of poetry or the “Slam” poetry.  Does this mean that I actually DO like poetry?

What does poetry mean?

Not so much the dictionary meaning but what does it do for life in general. What is the meaning of poetry? Is there a need to ask such a question? I believe that there is a need. For me, poetry does for the reader what paintings do for their viewers. I am not a huge fan of poetry but I have slowly come to understand that there are aspects of poetry in everything we do from day to day. What are your thoughts?

Verbal Authors

There is something to be said about technology and the performance of poetry. This media touches the audience in a different way. Not like watching a play or going to a concert but somewhere in between. The words come to life and your interpretation is given an opportunity to take full advantage of your emotional depth. Click on the link (if the video doesn’t load) and check out this poet. Feel what he has to offer on a different perspective of being.