All writers are NOT authors?

I had some random thoughts today and the one that stayed with me most is how there are so many descriptive words. These words let us know more about our direct interests, subjects, topics, etc. For example, if everyone who picked up a pencil, pen, or keyboard was considered an author then would there be a need to publish anything? Is publishing only reserved for those who think they have something of interest to say? What (or who) is it that determines an “Author.” Is an Author someone who can organize and make sense out of extemporaneous scribble? What are your thoughts?

One thought on “All writers are NOT authors?

  1. Maybe the “writer” has more of a dreamlike quality to his/her writing style? More personal. More intimate. Less restricted. They are not owned by the people and the media like a published author is. I wonder what kind of a statement it makes about people who want to be published, (people like me lol)?


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