Not Poetic


I love to write. I crave the process of creating a story and experiencing each characters development. One form of writing that I am extremely challenged by is poetry. I am trying to understand why some writers choose to create poetry. I tried to write poems when I was younger but never felt truly successful. Since then, I have not been able to find a place in my heart to express myself with this art form. In comparison, an Artist might choose to use painting  instead of sketching as a form of creative outlet. A Sculptor might choose to sculpt metal instead of clay as a form of creative outlet. Writing poetry is a conscious choice made by creative people. Although there are different forms of this art, I really struggle with writing poems.

I get annoyed by the intricate ways that a poem is written and categorized. Sometimes it is over simplified and can be completely acceptable to write two-line stanza’s. It has a meter or it rhymes or it is constructed is a very specific way. If the poem is telling a story, why not just write a book.

In one sense, Lyricist are poets. I have written many songs and some have even been published and played on the radio stations in the United States and abroad. In my experience, writing songs is very close to writing poetry. I have taken a few poems that I had written when I was younger and transformed them into songs. When I look back on this experience, it seemed to me very much like the same experience an author of a novel would have when their book becomes a movie. The book has so much more depth and detail. The movie taps into different senses and therefore breathes a different depth of experience for the Movie goer.

The only type of poetry I have enjoyed is the “Spoken Word” type of poetry or the “Slam” poetry.  Does this mean that I actually DO like poetry?

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