What’s worth writing about?

There are many topics of interest that I could find time to write about. Currently, there is my interest in “All things” related to hair and makeup. I could also go on for days about my super cute grand children. My Spanish class is Muy interesante! However, I don’t see that any of those titles would hold, for the reader, the same interest that it holds for me. In this respect, what is worth writing about. When are writers sure that the topics they choose are worthy of mass consumption? I imagine you can’t really fail if your topic is what’s currently trending on the national news circuit. Does national news really require additional coverage? Do we need extra blogging, tweeting, vlogging, texting, etc. On topics that have been covered to the “N-th” degree, I find it difficult to accept additional coverage from our writers on the sideline (such as myself). The general public might be better served if we tried to strike a balance between national coverage and local or non-national coverage. For example: Say there’s coverage on an impending war between major world powers. This is information that would NO DOUBT make its’ way to the national news circuit. To balance this type of news, local reporters might want to find something to report or write about that was the “Polar opposite” of the national news. A nice celebration of some kind would be opposite of war. Maybe child birth that didn’t include any horrific details. The point is to give a the readers, viewers, and all interested, something different to digest. Hard news, straight up, with no chaser, is a recipe for discontentment. What are your thoughts?

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