You cannot offend me…

…but that doesn’t excuse you!

Does it ever seem strange to you when a person begins to tell you something and they preface it with a phrase such as…

“Don’t be offended but…”

“I don’t mean this in a bad way but…”

“I don’t normally gossip but…”

A family member shared an experience they had with another family member who began the conversation with “Don’t be offended but, you look just like [blank]. It would appear to me that the person initiating the conversation was implying that [blank] was someone that NO ONE would want to resemble. So in making a statement that YOU look like [blank] and prefacing it with “Don’t be offended” would seem to me that the intent was just that—to offend. The question then becomes—offend whom. Maybe both. I happen to know all three people involved with this episode. Two of them are very close to me in the family tree. The third person—not so much. Since I happen to be the common denominator in this “Frakkin’ fluke” I am gonna go out on a limb and say that the intended victim—is me. The perpetrator only succeeds if it becomes known that I was made privy to the information. From where I sit, if I am the intended victim and it was only by chance that I heard about the ordeal, then the person who made the statement just lost a whole lot of respect—from me.

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