Life’s Event Horizon

When I was younger there were a few things that I promised myself I wouldn’t have to deal with once I was in the drivers seat of my life. These things encompassed feelings of abandonment, neglect, disorientation, hatred, misrepresentation, manipulation, and helplessness (to name just a few). Turns out, I couldn’t keep that promise to myself because of a vow I took. Once you pledge your life to join someone else for life, you must consider that there could be “overlap” that might conflict with your plans. The trick is to make sure the person you pledge to share your life with can understand, support, and journey with you. (I got lucky that this was my case).

What is never expected is…the unexpected. Sometimes life shows you different “Event Horizons” and you have a choice. You can either make sense out of things you cannot understand or ignore that they even exist and see how that works out for you.

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