We Need to Talk

I have noticed that people don’t talk to one another as much as they need to. We chat online, text, and blog. When was the last time someone was asked to speak to you about something that was on their mind but by the end of the conversation—all your topics of interest had been discussed—not theirs? Maybe they were trying to start a conversation about something of interest to them and you began talking about yourself instead of listening to their interests. I had that happen to me recently. I was giving [this person] a ride home and they mentioned that there was a comment posted on a social network that they subscribe to. The comment was disturbing because it passed judgment on them. I never invited deeper conversation with [this person] because I went off on a tangent about my topics of interest. I believe I may have missed an opportunity to give some very valuable comments to [this person]. Fortunately, I had another opportunity later that evening. Another time—I was trying to discuss a random topic of interest only to have my discussion “Up-staged” by the person I was talking with. Of course, their topic was far more important to discuss than mine. It would be a waste of time and pixels to try and determine who is right and who is wrong or when someone should just shut-up and listen to someone else. Truth is we need to talk—to each other. I have had ideas to start up a conversation group. One that would invite all types of people and could be centered around a common theme. There was a reading group started at my school and I went to the first meeting. We introduced ourselves and had light conversation about what genre of book everyone liked. About mid-way through the meeting—I was not sure if the group would satisfy my hunger to talk and hear others talk or if it would simply give me yet another reading assignment that I really couldn’t commit to at the time. Needless to say I didn’t continue my affiliation. If I were to start a group, I would want it to be somewhere cozy. I picture a place like Starbucks or another coffee café that had a variety of beverages for people of different tastes. If I had a big enough house and could guarantee parking (lol) I would have it at my home. I would prepare great tasting cookies and have an awesome coffee maker like the kuerig that allows each cup made to be specific. SIDEBAR: MY nephew’s wife makes an awesome cup-o-joe! If I did decide to create a discussion group, I would worry that those who would come to the group would be even more hungry to talk than me—and no one else would get a word in edgewise….maybe that’s the reason why we chat online, text, and blog.

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