That is fascinating

What does it take for you to become completely fascinated? Are you enthralled with the interactions of people? Does seeing explosions create an adrenalin rush for you? How about death or the idea of dying? Not seeing someone die or be killed but just the mere thought of an abrupt and total ending to things as you know it? What does it take? When I take a moment to really thing about the things that fascinate me, I learn something about myself. I am in awe when I think about the intricacies of nature and the universe around us. When I think about how our planets move and how our sun shines I can’t help but wonder deeply. I am not a mildly or deeply religious person so I will leave that portion of conversation for someone more connected with those ideologies. What I am interested in with this post is knowing how many of us have fascinations that go beyond our comprehension. As a race of human beings, we have certainly discovered many things and are able to conceptualize them. What about all the other possibilities—all the other fascinating items worth living for. What comes to your mind?

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