Behind the eyes

eyesAs human beings we have a multitude of experiences that are responsible (at least in part) for the shape of our character. These experiences are not hidden or amplified to any significant degree. They are building blocks and as unfortunate as it may sound, we are not able to pick and choose these blocks. We manage them once they have been added to the collection. I know several people who never fail to be offensive, degrading, abrasive, insensitive, etc. toward others. They do this knowingly and willfully. They don’t try to stop themselves and after the damage has been done, nine times out of ten they return to the individual(s) for inclusion or recognition. It’s almost as if they hate people but desire the company of others at the same time. WHAT IS THAT? I have been wondering about this type of behavior for quite some time and without having the knowledge of a professional I have come across a possible reason. Past experiences. What has enabled a person to take on this type of behavior has to be due to some sort of learned behavior. A pattern of interaction of some sort. It exist behind the eyes and cannot be observed unless you are the recipient of the bad behaviors, practices, or intentions. What are your thoughts?

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