Good and Bad

The other night my husband and I were watching, The Secret
(a Netflix video). In the video they talk about creating your desired outcome through the power of focused intentions or positive thoughts. I started to thinking about good and bad. Maybe we have our understanding of good and bad all wrong. It is quite possible that what we think of as good and bad is simply small pieces to a much larger puzzle. I wondered if the force of evil (bad) is inherent in all human beings. Not just the criminal element or the bully at school. Something much deeper. I felt that every time we have thoughts that are intended to produce less than beneficial outcomes for self and/or others—we are misusing a very ancient power. An inherent ability that initiates balance within and radiates outward to affect our surroundings. I wondered if being a good person was pretty much a redundant statement because human beings are both good and bad—at the same time. Then I thought that if this could be true then it would mean that we are capable of so much more than what we currently think we are capable of. Instead of thinking of bad or evil as being attributes of an outer force or an entity only capable of wrong doing and “hell-bent” on the demise of all living things—we can see the truth behind it. We can come to realize that there is a tremendous force involved with Good and bad. That force is available for use by every human being living and breathing on this planet. Maybe the thought of having such an ability frightens us. It isn’t scary if you remind yourself that Good and bad are simply balancing forces. Our comprehension of this is at the basic level—like the limited understanding that a toddler might have. When a parent has to scold a child for dropping a toy truck on the dogs head—it is a lesson that is being taught. When the preschooler flings the rubber ball across the room toward another child—there will be punishment of some sort to follow. We teach our young humans good and bad through a series of behavior modifications. We encourage them to modify their actions—not understand them. That is not to say that what we are doing (currently) in the scope of learning is totally bad. It is just to say that we don’t have a full comprehension of the intended usage of Good and bad and therefor are ill-equipped to teach it in any meaningful way. The power of good and bad are formed at the elemental level and we have not been “generally” taught the importance of understanding this. I bet if you took a moment and thought about your youth, you could find something interesting. You might find that you were either taught to fear anger because it was evil (bad) or you were taught to embrace your anger because it was the best way to measure your good nature. No matter where you learned about good and bad—chances are you didn’t know that they both intimately exist within you. A sort of symbiotic connection toward our overall balance with each other. Here’s some food for thought: the planets orbit our sun in a sort of “balance” with one another. Our moon orbits the earth in balance—they help one another. Could it possibly be that what we understand as good and bad is actually the key to human togetherness? Our acceptance of each other’s differences. Our sensitivities—our balance? Let’s learn how to use these powerful ancient abilities for a more beneficial human existence. Let’s be more like evolved beings and less—like toddlers.

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