I don’t like…

When did it become acceptable to pass judgment upon someone? Some could argue that it has never been unacceptable. In the 60’s it may have been fashionable to consider yourself “able” to judge another. With the elitist attitudes that most people had, it wouldn’t be difficult to see that this could have been considered normal. What about other parts of the world—not just in America. Is this common in most cultures around the world or is it only practiced among the major world powers (as they call themselves). At what point in time will the human race determine that being prejudice toward someone is simply archaic not to mention absolutely wrong in every sense of the word. We pass judgment because a person is redheaded, blonde, dark/light skinned, short/long hair, fat or skinny, rich or poor, vegetarian or omnivores, and the list goes on forever. Why is this? In order to answer that question I turn to myself. I have a tendency to pass judgment before learning more about something or someone. In elementary school I remember hating a little girl who frequently wet her pants and smelled very bad. I didn’t even know her. No one in the class liked her very much. There were times when she was bullied. I was about 6yrs old at the time and knew enough that I realized it was wrong to hate someone who had not given you a reason—and yet I did it anyway. She didn’t hit me or threaten me or anything. I just didn’t like the way she smelled and that she was able to wet her pants and not get punished for it.

Today, I find that I don’t like people who have a blatant disregard for others. I also don’t like spiders—for different reasons. People who float through life, day after day—with no regard for others…irritate me. It’s as if they think everyone is below them or exists strictly to elevate their lives. They sometimes have this sense of entitlement and they figure everyone “ought to know” that they are special and entitled to act as they do. There is no excuse for bad behavior and those who feel less willing to acknowledge the significance of others are basic and archaic—less deserving of human affection. Spiders…well that is a topic I will save for another discussion.

One thought on “I don’t like…

  1. I used to blame it on “instincts”, that it’s just another part of us to judge people to be able to treat them accordingly. As a sort of safety-mechanism in our brains that tells us if someone’s a threat or not. it took me a while to realize though, that if that were true, the same reaction would be triggered in kids as well. Then I went on to blaming society and the media for this “influenced” frame of mind, but that too changed when I realized that we’re the ones with the power to let this judging take control of our streams of actions and thoughts or not.

    But give me a five on the spiders. Ugh. But I suppose they exist for really good a reason too, huh?

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