I’m just kidding

How many times have you been insulted by someone, felt whatever type of emotion the insult evoked only to have them say…I was just kidding with you 😯. In my mind that statement begs the question “How was I supposed to know you were joking?” I mean, aren’t jokes supposed to make you laugh—at what point does that change? When is it simply a lack of discernment on the part of the individual hiding behind the “I’m just kidding” phrase? Too many times I have witnessed or have been the chief recipient of the “so called” joke (…that no one laughed at). I now wonder why the person who made the comment didn’t simply opt to insult me instead. Was it their failed attempt at appearing less offensive in the eyes of others? Did they assume that my feelings would be hurt but they can claim that wasn’t their intension? If someone makes crass comments and/or rude jokes directed toward you in a way that was NOT FUNNY—what is it called?

One thought on “I’m just kidding

  1. Honest liars, I call them. There’s a saying that goes something like “there’s always a little truth behind just kidding”, and personally, I believe its true. It’s different of course, if the relationship with the person is close enough to be “insult-means-complement”, but otherwise, “jokes” like that don’t really have “fun” elements to them. I usually have a hard time “taking it as a just a joke”, but that could just be me cause i’m sensitive, I suppose..

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