Remember back in elementary school when the teacher would take the class outside for recess? There was always something fun to do and it never seemed like enough time. Sometimes there would be extra play time if the class did particularly well on a spelling test or if there was a special holiday or celebration—fun times. There was also one or two kids who would ruin things for everyone else. I’m not really referring to the “Bad-eggs” but those who would always push the envelope when it came to the rules. For example, the rule might say that everyone must form a line at the end of recess when the whistle is blown. There would be that one kid who would continue to run around frantically. The teacher would do everything to get that kid to line up. Finally, everyone would be made to suffer next time by having to end recess minutes earlier because “Little-Mr. Rambunctious” refused to stop and form a line. It was ruined for everyone.

Remember in your freshman year of college—when you lived in the dorms. There was always that one person who refused to control themselves over the weekend. They would always have too much to drink or stay out too late—causing everyone else to worry. They never seemed to be able to keep situations within workable means. Situations like this really ruined a lot of things for people.

What about parents and relatives? Excessive eaters, drinkers, smokers, porn worshipers, etc. not to mention other social items that seem to have been over-used to the point of ruining it for us. How can anyone be expected to enjoy a sociable drink when they have alcoholics in the family tree? How can anyone enjoy a cup of coffee when there are people close to them who have drank it so much that it has turned into a bad habit to be frowned upon? What about sex? How can young people enjoy the exploration of their own sexual identity when there has been an excessive amount of attention given to label it “Bad.” There’s the stigma that follows a young girl who explores her sexual curiosities. The young boy who becomes acquainted with his own masculinity and appreciates the same in others of his gender. Maybe his family members have overindulged and become negatively affected. They frown, snarl, haze, bully, and disrespect him. It has been ruined.

Life is ours to live and experience to the fullest extent. Not to hurt one another—physically or mentally.

My belief is that the mass majority of human beings really want to accept one another. We want to take a recess from popular views that keep us separate. We want to enjoy our differences and bask in the glory of our individual revelations. We want to hug, kiss, cuddle, tickle, laugh, and sensitively talk together. We want to look one another in the eye and ask “What’s it like to be you?” We want to express gratitude for being educated in the ways of another—but we can’t. If we dare to tear down the false barriers—there may be consequences. Our brief recess will quickly come to an end. Our lives will retard until all growth stops. And we will become strangers to one another—ruined.

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