Daring Do

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daring Do.”

When I was in my freshman year of college, I met another girl who was a nursing major. She was very nice and seemed to be very determined and focused on her college goals. I am not quite sure how we first met as it was well over 26 years ago. She and I weren’t the best friend “Types.” We just happen to find ourselves in the company of one another more than not and therefore found things to talk about. One day she let me in on a personal situation. Her boyfriend was harassing her and she wanted out of the situation. Apparently they had been living together for some time—off campus. I suppose things had become unbearable for her. She never gave me any specifics and one day she asked if I would walk to her apartment with her so she could get some things. When we arrived—her boyfriend was there. She yelled at him “YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE!” He said nothing. She rushed past him with some clothes in her arms and left me standing there—with him. She was outside yelling for me to come out and I was paralyzed just looking at him. He was an angry guy with a fierce look in his eyes. He looked as if he couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to take out his frustrations on me or just chalk it up to her winning this round. I rushed out of the apartment still a little astonished at what had just taken place. On the way back to my dorm—she said nothing. I let her stay with me for that evening and told her that I had an early class then a lab and tutoring after that. She said she would be sure to lock the door when she left and thanked me for letting her crash. After I left that morning—I didn’t think about her or her situation anymore. By the time I returned from my busy day she was gone. The Resident Advisor came to my room and told me that I should have notified him of the situation. He also told me that the angry boyfriend came to the dorm room looking for her and made a scene. The campus police had to be called. To this day I cannot remember her name or his. I don’t know what happened to her ultimately. As I look back on the experience, I realize that I had done something that was pretty daring and probably saved her life—I hope she’s alright.

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