My 1st Day at school (returning after many years)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

“I must be losing my mind.” That was the prevailing thought of the day. I had been passed over for a promotion at work. My story was a familiar one. I’m doing the work but cannot collect the paycheck nor adorn the title that goes along with it. When the company’s Human Resource Director came to our office and announced that they were going to be leaving Michigan at the end of the current contract, I saw an opportunity to return to school. My boss was encouraging and gave me the standard wish for success in my future endeavors speech.  My son and twin daughters told me that people do it all the time. My husband said “Of course you can do it and I’ll help you.” I didn’t have many fears about returning to school and was somewhat excited about going to classes. It wasn’t the same excitement I felt after high school graduation and freshman year of college—all those years ago. Things were so different. Books cost a small fortune and registration was all done online. There were websites that allow you to get an idea of what you could expect from your professor in any given class. The counseling process was even more streamlined and available through the click of the mouse on the universities website. Although I had already attended a university right after High school graduation, this was a FIRST for me—as an “Empty-nester.”

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