Who am I and why am I here

I am T. Dwella—a Writer. I love writing fiction but I’m secretly having an affair with poetry (let’s keep that between us).

I blog publicly so that I have an accessible record of my writing that is easily available. I can send a URL to anyone I want and sharing on social networks is easy. I reserve my personal journals for topics that I don’t want to share with the world.

On my public blog I will write about books I have read and those I want to read. Sometimes I comment on entertainment items I have found online that are related to our connections with one another—just as human beings. I write about “trending” topics sometimes. I try not to write in the typical voice that most have come to expect. My main drive is to increase my content on the topics that involve human interaction and prejudgment issues. I would like to approach this from a basic viewpoint so that “Everyday people” can relate and no one feels as if they have been secretly put “On the spot.” I firmly believe that as a species, we want to connect with one another. Our learned behaviors get in our way most of the time. With my writing, I hope to cancel our subscriptions to prejudgments against one another.

I would love to connect with other “Like-minded” individuals who are writers and or avid readers in the topic of social justices and sensitivities towards the differences we all have. I am most excited to find those who have a voice that offsets mainstream expectations. Voices that whisper quietly but resonate deeply.

In a years’ time of blogging successfully I hope to have gained a steady stream of readers who are loyal to my blog and contribute regularly. I hope to have found a quiet corner of the internet that I can reconstruct. To invite powerful writers for collaboration. That we may unleash with “Viral force” our infectious prose of human togetherness.

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