Humanitarians Should Not Exist

Familiarize yourself with awesome human beings and realize the power that is ours.

A Space Within

That is, unless someone’s on a “humans and only humans” diet; somewhat like a cannibal, but restricted to human flesh alone. Those people can be humanitarians.

Why else is the term so alike with vegetarian?

But that’s not really the point.

So what is a humanitarian, exactly?

According to Wikipedia, the Dictionary, and pretty much the rest of the world, a humanitarian is someone who makes no distinction in the face of suffering or abuse on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, tribe, caste, age, religion, ability, or nationality.

They are people who want to make the world a better place by promoting human welfare or providing aid and charity.

And I think they should not exist.

Don’t get me wrong.

My question to the world is, why do we let such a term exist in the first place?

If these are humanitarians, what the heck are the rest of us?

Why isn’t being human enough to make us…

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