In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

Hectic days and busy nights. The endless tweets and beeps. Appointment schedules to keep, meetings to attend. Errands to run and deadlines to…extend. Friends and family who need me and only me (because let’s face it, I’m the ONLY person who can help them).Everything is in continuous motion and my brain isn’t always in compliance with the demands of the day. But there’s an Oasis. In the Oasis, everything matters but nothing really matters in that moment. This Oasis is cozy. I enter. Then comes the audible pause of life. I sink. There’s a sound of slow thumps reminiscent of footsteps. Muffled glissando of youthful voices trailing behind content little people. I sink a little more. My thoughts float away on scented ethers of orange, tangerine, or vanilla nut bean.  I sink deeper. A smile fills my face as I listen to the sound of my heart… from a warm bath, filled with bubbles, in a scented-candle lit room called…my oasis.

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