I Got Skills

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

“I can communicate with anyone no matter what their background is.” That’s the statement I would boast on a regular basis if I could choose my ability. I would be able to discuss specific events in the cosmos with the officials at NASA then relate that information back to “Joe Public” so that there would be absolute understanding. I could talk with Big Agriculture and small farming families. They would understand how important it is to work together for the benefit of all…not just their pockets and bank accounts. I could talk with all the men of the world and help them to understand the importance of women and young girls. They would come to realize the true symbiotic nature of our existence. I would communicate with each and every deity there is or has ever been. They would relate back to their loyal followers the importance of love, acceptance, and togetherness for all sentient  life.

3 thoughts on “I Got Skills

  1. And this is exactly what I see (most) artists/writers/bloggers doing — communicating something we can all understand and relate to, no matter who *we* are. I also feel that the visionaries, the (good) leaders and prophets across time have all been striving for — to get people to communicate with and understand each other. In many religions, throughout history, the truth-speakers have been spreading a message of “love, acceptance, and togetherness for all….” I support your chosen Skill!


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