In Good Faith

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Good Faith.”

The very first time I questioned my belief systems was in my freshman year of college. I read the entire book of Genesis and the entire book of Revelations. I couldn’t make sense of either one and wondered what other people of other religions were saying about the beginning and the end for all of life. Ultimately, I decided that there was just not enough information for me to make a decision…so I chose to follow the Sun, Moon, Earth, and life. I figured that the description in the bible said your God created you and had the power to “End you.” In nature, I chose my God to be the Sun. Let’s face it, if it stopped shining tomorrow we would all die. The human body is made up of a great deal of water and therefor I chose the moon to have dominion over this physical form. After all, it does move the oceans around effortlessly.Growing up, my family never really subscribed to any “One-true” belief but, nevertheless, we attended Sunday school and sometimes went to church…with our grandmother. Besides learning all the things you shouldn’t do and that you couldn’t question the reasons, I learned that once you became an adult, you get to ignore all of it. At least that’s what appeared to be going on with the adults in my life…as a child. As an adult, I subscribe to the belief that we are all interconnected at one level or another and that our religion is just one of the many ways we chronicle and categorize what we believe and what those before us believed. In this way we pay homage to our ancestors and incorporate our own “How’s & Why’s.”

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