Jupiter Ascending (The Movie in 2015)

Today my husband and I went to the movie theater and watched Jupiter Ascending. I thought the movie was GREAT and loved the different spin that the writers and Directors put on human evolution and the seeding of planet earth. My husband fell asleep several times (lol). Science Fiction movies are not his first choice when it comes to entertainment so I am not bothered about Mr. Sleepy-head. On the other hand, I really enjoyed everything about the movie from the cinematography to the music (diegetic and non-diegetic). After the movie we discussed what we liked and disliked. This made me realize how difficult it is sometimes to have a conversation when two people have such varying opinions. I don’t think conversations like this should be difficult to have but typically they are. I wanted to go into the camera angles and how the Director used the various long shots and close ups to intensify certain scenes. I wanted to know how he felt about the special effects and if they made him think differently about the story line. I wanted to hear him talk about how the production overall gave the viewers a glimpse inside Jupiter and what that felt like for him. I wanted to talk about worm holes, space travel, and the loss of time that we all sometimes experience. Unfortunately, our conversation was abruptly discarded once I reminded him that the credit role listed Andy WachowskiLana Wachowski (formerly known as the Wachowski brothers) as the writers. Solely based on the allegations (2005) that the Wachowski brothers stole The Matrix from another writer (Sophia Stewart). I have to admit that I loved the Matrix (all of them) as well as Cloud Atlas (all credited to the Wachowski brothers). What I find particularly strange is why they didn’t carry on the same prescription for movie writing after their blockbuster hit (The Matrix).

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