Disappointments of Humanity

The earth has to endure the mindlessness of humanity with regards to their lack of concern for the world, the animals, the vegetation, and other human beings. In this, they are the abomination of life.

True or False?

5 thoughts on “Disappointments of Humanity

  1. So true. Humans behave like foreigners on this planet. Other species seem to operate within natural selection to add to the diversity and glory of the creation. But man destroys, pollutes, and creates unnatural environments, some of which are beautiful, like marvelous cities and architecture, but some which are also terrible and ugly.

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  2. I will say both. True at most times, but false in the most surprising of little things. For man began in harmony with nature, and some few across time have kept that faith. Even now, there are those who live with the Earth, in and among its fruits, instead of despite it.

    Sadly, though, for too long the progression of technology and society have brought about the easiest economic routes: exploitation and destruction. Perhaps we are already witnessing the changing weather of a globe too far gone to save. Only time will tell…..

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