Poetry to publish

Now that my classes at Wayne State University are over (until fall, 2015 that is), I am pushing myself to send out more pieces for consideration. In my poetry workshop class this past semester, we created a manuscript of (no less than) 25 poems. Over the span of the entire course, we studied various authors such as: Mullen, Mackey, Palmer, Rankine, Torres, Cha, Gladman, Shurin, and more. Some were extremely challenging and others made me go back to my own poetry and fine tune for depth and richness. If I wasn’t particularly pleased with my final piece, I simply created another. At this point, I could publish a small book of poems.

I purchased some journals of poetry that I thought my work would be a good match with and I have read some magazines as well. I have some pieces already out for consideration (but it takes forever to hear back). Instead of trying to publish my own book (right now), my goal is to send my work out for consideration in other publications, journals, and magazines.  These outlets already have readers and if my work is selected for publication then it would mean immediate exposure to an audience who already has an interest in my style of writing. Wish me luck!

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