Summers end and poetry readings

T.DwellaPic-2As the 2015 summer crawls toward its inevitable end I am quickly beginning to realize how inviting the crisp fall air just might become. As I turn the page of the calendar that hangs on my kitchen wall I realize this is the final month of the 3rd quarter in 2015. Normally, around this time of the year, I find myself scrambling around trying to plan my final summer activities. I never pulled those roller blades out of the garage. I didn’t even get around to planting my urban garden or doing any upgrades to the kitchen. With all these things left behind I am surprisingly content because I know that I have managed to complete a few very challenging items on my summer “To-do” list. One of those items was to get at least one of my poetry pieces published (As of the date of this post I have a total of 4 poems being published). Another item on my list was to present/read my pieces with other poets as part of the literary section of a reputable event.

With this being said, I am excited to announce my participation in the 2015 Lit Walk (organized by Professor Liebler at Wayne State University). I am honored and excited to be involved this year and look forward to reading my poetry to the listeners. In addition to this, I am also reading some of my pieces with other student poets/authors during Wayne State University’s Citizenship Day. This event is organized by Professor Marback and in addition to the poetry reading, there will be various campus activities held in the main quad.

This is a wonderful way to conclude my summer and a great prelude to the fall!

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