New cooking forum I’m writing on

Latest news!

I’m writing on a Cooking Forum called Twitchin Kitchen.  I began using that forum years ago when I started my very first Raw Food Journey and the groups have been great. They took a little hiatus and have now returned. I am starting a partnership with my friend Joan (she’s the site owner and designer) and also launching a thread over there that talks about vegetarianism. I am revving up to begin a year-long vegetarian lifestyle for 2016 and plan to chronicle it every step of the way. So get over there and read up on great ways to prepare food and what others are doing with left-overs.


My Poetry is in an anthology

Check out this anthology!

A few months ago three of my poems were accepted by the Warren Artist Market for publication in an upcoming anthology Life Preserved: Memories: An Anthology

My submission included a poem about recollection in the piece entitled: One Color Recall.  It examines human connection and the singularity that joins us all. There is a poem about the connection to nature through reminiscence of a metaphorical conversation entitled: Flowering Truths. The other poem published in this anthology examines remembrance of a Shakespearean character from his play The Tempest. A reader might remember [the Shakespeare character from the play] Claribel. Although she never appeared on the stage she dwells in thought but what might be said of Claribel’s memories? The piece is entitled: Farewell From Claribel.

I blogged about the experience I had when I found out my pieces had been accepted for publication in this anthology. I also blogged about the performance I did with the Wayne State Literary Walk. The anthology is now available on Amazon.

Life Preserved: Memories: An Anthology