Inside Out Literary Arts Project


THE GREATEST NEWS I HAVE IS…. “I have an Internship!”


This winter 2016 semester, I will be an Intern with the great folks over at Inside Out Literary Arts Project. As a [recently] published poet, I could not have found a better opportunity than this. Take a moment to read about all the wonderful work this non-profit organization does in the city of Detroit.

Being an Intern with the Inside Out project will give me an opportunity to learn how to educate the youth about the process of creative writing. I want to pull from the knowledge of those who are actively involved with this process. If I could name one overall result from this experience that I would like to come away with [upon completion of the Internship] it would be to have a working knowledge of the dynamics involved with the classroom-to-teacher relationship.

As a poet, I have a working knowledge of the creative writing process. Through Wayne State University’s association with the Inside Out Project, I am positioned to learn so much more and intend to capitalize on the availability of scholarly guidance. As an aspiring educator in creative writing I have the opportunity, through my association with the Inside Out project, to acquire a framework on which to build a solid foundation for nurturing a student’s overall experience in public education—and my journey will continue.

In the near future, I have my sights set on entering Wayne State University’s graduate studies program in creative writing for the fall 2016 term. After completing this, I have plans to apply for acceptance to an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) program with a concentration in poetry.

As I move forward with my final semester of undergraduate studies as an English major at Wayne State University, I also move forward with new opportunities for partnership. This partnership blends the Detroit youth, who are invested in the Inside Out Project, along with all those educators, Writers in Residence, Principals, and Parents who want to see excellence in education. Inside Out is rising high with a bright future in Detroit. It’s a tremendous honor to know that I will become a part of their forecast. (Click here to find out how you can get involved).

Writing an Artist Statement

For the past month I have been chipping away at writing my very first Ang3Artist Statement. It’s a wonderful process because essentially I get to brag about the best part of me! On the flip-side, it means I have to write about myself which is not really my strongest point. I can write about many different topics and do it very creatively. I can ponder (sometimes endlessly) the state of the human condition in American and in the world. When I sit down to talk about myself there are all sorts of things to consider. Some of those things will forever remain in the proverbial vault. Other items are very delicate and need a special audience. The biggest reason I find it challenging to write about myself is because I haven’t done anything so worthy of being written about.

When I think about writing an Artist Statement I only have one accomplishment under my belt and that’s my poetry being included in an anthology this past fall of 2015. I searched the internet for some samples of Artist Statements and found a few that were nicely written. One blog page had some very encouraging bullet points on writing an Artist Statement. I have my statement completed and (thankfully) I will get to have it work shopped in my advanced creative writing class this evening.

The funny thing about this situation is…I have always been able to write, describe, dismantle, and deconstruct everyday life. Who would have thought that an Artist Statement would be the knockout punch that would slam into my face, pushing me off balance, and leave me groveling on the floor…me—a poet!

Meet Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris is a graduate of Wayne State University who went on to study at the University of Minnesota in their MFA program.

I have wondered if an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) program of study would be suitable for me. I began my undergraduate studies after graduating from high school. My major was music education and I didn’t have a minor.  I married my high school sweetheart  and moved to Los Angeles before finishing.

While in LA, I completed an associates degree in Liberal Arts, had children, and did freelance work in the music and entertainment industry. My husband already worked as an artist with A & M Records, and  Polygram Island. He appeared in a Virgin Records video [Stevie Winwood, Roll with it] and  A & M records did a video on the group he was in [Cinema, Put you in my pocket] and many others. He is affiliated with BMI and I am an ASCAP writer. Later, we had the opportunity to create and perform an exercise entertainment sequence for Crunch International fitness [California base].

After all this, my husband and I returned to Detroit, MI with our little family and I began my process of completing my bachelors degree [as a non-traditional student] at Wayne State University. I am currently in my final semester in the college of Liberal Arts as an English major/ Film studies minor.

Deciding to do my graduate studies at Wayne State University has been my most recent journey. Joseph Harris’s  Q & A session on the WSU English Departments website really helped me zoom in on what could be successful routes to professional studies for creative writing English majors at Wayne State University.