Meet Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris is a graduate of Wayne State University who went on to study at the University of Minnesota in their MFA program.

I have wondered if an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) program of study would be suitable for me. I began my undergraduate studies after graduating from high school. My major was music education and I didn’t have a minor.  I married my high school sweetheart  and moved to Los Angeles before finishing.

While in LA, I completed an associates degree in Liberal Arts, had children, and did freelance work in the music and entertainment industry. My husband already worked as an artist with A & M Records, and  Polygram Island. He appeared in a Virgin Records video [Stevie Winwood, Roll with it] and  A & M records did a video on the group he was in [Cinema, Put you in my pocket] and many others. He is affiliated with BMI and I am an ASCAP writer. Later, we had the opportunity to create and perform an exercise entertainment sequence for Crunch International fitness [California base].

After all this, my husband and I returned to Detroit, MI with our little family and I began my process of completing my bachelors degree [as a non-traditional student] at Wayne State University. I am currently in my final semester in the college of Liberal Arts as an English major/ Film studies minor.

Deciding to do my graduate studies at Wayne State University has been my most recent journey. Joseph Harris’s  Q & A session on the WSU English Departments website really helped me zoom in on what could be successful routes to professional studies for creative writing English majors at Wayne State University.

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