Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein

eberweinpieceMy copy of the Eber & Wein anthology (Where the Mind Dwells – Consolation) just came in the mail! I have one poem in this anthology. My piece is a contemplation of time. I thought about how it is divided, measure, and categorized. This piece shows how I relate to each day. After giving some thought to the passage of time, it began to feel different.  The end result was my piece, The Day Constant.

After a poetry workshop, I worked several more revisions and finally settled on the expression that captured my meaning/message. I really enjoy contemplating themes such as time, nature, TheDayConstantPoemhumanity, religion and sensitivity that effect the world. I try to imagine what effects are being felt from them. My piece, The Day constant, is the conflation of time and space. It is  the bisection of past and future. It doesn’t immediately measure anything instead, it can be read as a magnification of the ideas of measurement. The distance between past, present and future might be seen as negligible.

I am very grateful that the editors found my piece enjoyable enough to include in this anthology and would very much enjoy the opportunity to have another included in future publications. If you have not already experienced Eber & Wein’s anthology publications do yourself a favor and check them out at Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein

  1. I was wondering if you could see if my poem is in there! My name is Audrey Wehner and my poem was titled “Unfelt but Physically Felt.” Thank you!


  2. I think, I have a poem in it, too. It’s called Don’t Nod Off. But I can’t find the book in question (Where The Mind Dwells) anywhere, except barnes and noble.com


  3. My daughter’s poem is supposed to be in the most recently printed copy in fact we have yet to receive our copy in the mail. I don’t know how many books there will be for this series but from what the publisher said about 2 weeks ago they just received the books from the printer and were boxing them up and preparing to ship. I am so excited for her, she just turned 13 but wrote that poem when she was still 11 years old. She just turned 13. I cannot wait!


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