Carla Hayden: Librarian of Congress

The 14th Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden, makes remarks after taking the oath of office on Wednesday. Photograph: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

This article was incredibly uplifting in a time of political uncertainty. We have the new President taking his place in the White House and so many Americans uplifted with the pledge to make America Great Again. We also have the discouragement felt each time he opens his mouth to speak publicly, resulting in some group or person being insulted by the character and unyielding stance the new President (sometimes) takes. Former President Obama’s appointment of Carla Hayden to Librarian of Congress gives all Americans a chance to look ahead as we continue to progress toward equality, sensitivity, and global acceptance. She has been very active in voicing her opposition to the Patriot Act but also looked at the question of, “How do we insure national security while preserving a person’s right to know.” I thought about how moments like those must have been perplexing to her. I wondered who she could have gone to for more information being that she was (by profession) the manager of information.

I had a different reaction when I read the part of this article that mentioned Melvil Dewey (creator of the Dewey Decimal System). It seems so idiotic to think that women are only capable of accomplishing monotonous tasks. I laughed because I wondered if he had given any thought to the task of childbirth. If he truly believed women were only good for handling monotonous work, then his very existence would be (according to him) the result of monotony.
Carla Hayden: new librarian of Congress makes history, with an eye on the future 4


Woods, Baynard (2017). Theguardian, “Carla Hayden: new librarian of Congress makes history, with an eye on the future ” Retrieved from

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