Passive Income Steams on Social Media

april2017bHow often do you hear about everyday, ordinary people making some extra money using social media? I have been hearing a lot about it lately so I decided to see what the “Hoopl-la” was all about. I created a web page, You Tube page, and Facebook page, all revolving around women’s hair creations. Now, this isn’t my first time every creating a social media page nor am I new to the “Hair-game.” My focus, for this venture, was to see just how easy it would be to get paid from the work I did on my social media pages. I am going to keep an on-going blog about this process and I will begin by listing the social media sites that I am using (to get me started). As time goes by and I get progressively better at creating content for my followers, I will make note of that right here. So come along for the ride and let’s journey together down the road to passive income streams on social media.

Facebook page:


YouTube: need 100 subscribers to get a custom URL (so I’ll wait to post the address)


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