What is your Super Power??

Types of Truth by S. Suman (2016)

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a superpower? Superpowers are typically associated with the superhero characters that we find in today’s movies based on Marvel or DC comics. I don’t see myself as a specialist on comic book characters, but I do enjoy many of the movies that have come out based on the comic book characters. After watching, some of those movies, I have had conversations with others about the superpowers that were displayed. Most often, the conversations focus on “What if” scenarios. For example: What if you had the strength of the Hulk, as depicted in the movie, The Incredible Hulk (2008) or the speed of the Flash, as depicted in the television series, The Flash (2014-)?

I considered another superpower. What if I could see the truths of people? What does that even mean? I wondered what responsibilities would be associated with being able to see the absolute truth that each person kept within their innermost thoughts. This is not just reading their minds because what if that person was able to disguise their thoughts to resemble “a truth” of some kind. For example, If I was able to read your mind and wanted to demonstrate this by asking you to think of your favorite fruit. I would begin my mind reading ability and from what you were thinking, I could tell you what I read from your thoughts. If you didn’t really want me to know what your favorite fruit was, you could simply “think” of different fruits (maybe your second or third favorite). In this scenario, I would never be able to actually know what your favorite fruit is because you could change your thought and I would only be able to read your mind per thought.

However, if my superpower was to be able to know anyone’s “truth” then it wouldn’t matter what you thought at any given time because I would always know your truth. What do you think I would have to be able to do once I learn your truth? Here is a basic list that I gave some thought to while writing this.

  1. I would have to understand that your truth might be painful for me to discover. For example, if you and I were good friends and I believed that there were certain trusts that we had shared, I would always feel a certain level of comfort because of that trust in sharing. What if my superpower, which allowed me to see your truths, revealed that you have never really shared the same level of trust for me that I had for you? It would hurt me emotionally to learn these truths. Therefore, being able to see anyone’s truths would require having the ability to understand them on a different level than I once understood them.
  2. I would need to find meaning in having the power to know anyone’s truth. Why would this ability be necessary? Who does it serve? Should all truths be viewed, or should some be ignored and why? What is the purpose of each person having truths?
  3. I would need to determine if this superpower would be necessary for my daily life or just for certain situations/ circumstances? I mean, do I keep it “On” at all times or only invoke the power when deemed necessary. Then would that mean it should be necessary for my benefit or for the persons’?
  4. I would need to determine if I should tell someone (or anyone at all) that I have this superpower. Maybe they would feel privileged to know what I am capable of doing. Maybe they would feel frightened that I would learn things about them they felt ashamed of or thought I would see them differently once I saw their truth.
  5. I would have to concede that people, even those very close to me, may not possess the ability to give full disclosure. That is to say, I would be able to see their truth even though they persist to falsify various events when communicating with me.
  6. I would have to understand that having the ability to see other’s truths carry with it the ability FOR ME to give full disclosure ALL THE TIMEs.
  7. I would have to understand that having this superpower is a prelude to another greater gift.
  8. I would need to have patience and acceptance for the rest of the knowledge to be acquired once the superpower has been awakened within my genetic makeup.
  9. I could finally realize that asking for such a superpower (to be awakened) is attached to other wonderful abilities that cannot be realized until I have all the necessary skills that can only be learned from being able to understand and know someone’s truths.

So, now you know my superpower. Tell me yours.

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