Face Book-a-holic or Social Media addict?

Are you a FaceBook-A-holic or a Social media addict?

Recently, there has been some outages in the social media realm. Specifically, with FaceBook. I have seen many tweets about this problem and have also heard individuals speak about this untimely event. I began to wonder if there is some sort of hidden affliction associated with “social media behaviors.”

How does social media behave? How do you behave while on social media sites? Some people might say that social media cannot behave because only sentient life, (people, organisms, or animals) can behave. I say, it’s time we took another look at social media. It may have become sentient over the years.

So, What’s the hidden affliction? When social media begins to behave, in a certain way, people engaging with social media begin to behave in an afflicted manner. To further explain, let’s look at the common cold. The cold virus behaves in a manner that affects the host subject. It is not invited into the body but gains access through various access points. Once inside, the virus begins to multiply and change certain things about the host. In response to this, the host reacts in physical ways toward the intrusion (i.e. coughing and sneezing). The host is now afflicted with the presence of the virus.

Being afflicted with social media is similar to being afflicted with the cold virus and it’s contagious! Whenever social media stops doing what it was designed to do for us (i.e. it gets a bug in the system or malfunctions), we begin to revolt! We want to contact the designers of the systems or start a petition that can go viral because we have been so used to having the social media connection at our finger tips for so long that being without it is like losing an appendage.

The way we use social media today will be changing soon. Currently, it’s a toy that we are addicted to carrying around and peering at from time to time. We have fooled ourselves into thinking that we “need” our social media connections for various reasons. Some of us have told ourselves that social media connects us with other people and allows us to form new relationships as well. We believe that social media helps us build our small businesses and gives us an opportunity to promote ourselves or families to other social media users. However, if you really take a look at any of those options I just listed, you will find that social media isn’t responsible for any of them. It merely acts as a repository for those who choose to use it. Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone intentionally input the wrong information (or fake information) into the repository? would you think that what you once felt was a great way to stay in touch, would have become a bogus connection for the sake of building the repository owners check book? The repository works on the premise that the more people who enter their information the more people will continue to use the repository. It needs to feed, just like a virus needs to feed on its host. People who use social media are “hosts” to the infection that social media has become. This must change. If we are to find any greater benefits to the use of social media, we have to begin looking at it as more than a modern-day communication device. In fact, social media needs a remodel.

I predict that social media will go on a diet to rid itself of overly active members who only want to post hello’s and goodbyes to anyone listening (even though they would rarely speak to anyone in person). Social media will receive an “advertisementdectomy” to rid itself of all the marketing strategists belabored and overly negligent behaviors. All the preachers, soothsayers, do-gooder’s, and et cetera, will be redirected to their (irl) lives so that they can put their passions into action and relieve the social media services of the burden of archiving their “special messages from the great beyond.” Last, but certainly not lease, the social media services will be renamed to something more appropriate for what it will evolve into and we will call it….comunicacion de inteligencia

What are your thoughts?

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