I’m featured on Kelly Fordon’s poets page

Kelly Fordon is a Poet and Fiction writer who started a very cool Blog that features poets! My featured poem is Inner City Outcry. This piece is a personal favorite because it outlines my analysis of  crime and justice through the lens of intolerance. It was published in the Wayne Literary Review in 2018. Please take … Continue reading I’m featured on Kelly Fordon’s poets page

What’s behind gratitude?

I can remember when I moved out of my mother’s house. It was right after I left college to get a job at the post office. First I moved in with a friend then a couple weeks later, found my own place. I didn’t have furniture so my mother let me take my bed with … Continue reading What’s behind gratitude?

I’m in Issue 33 of the 34th Parallel Magazine

I just purchased a full color copy of the 34th Parallel magazine. The poem I wrote was accepted for publication and is available, RIGHT NOW! This piece was special in many ways for me. From its subject matter to how it presents on the page, my poem Rapid has a story to tell. In addition … Continue reading I’m in Issue 33 of the 34th Parallel Magazine

Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein

My copy of the Eber & Wein anthology (Where the Mind Dwells - Consolation) just came in the mail! I have one poem in this anthology. My piece is a contemplation of time. I thought about how it is divided, measure, and categorized. This piece shows how I relate to each day. After giving some … Continue reading Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein

34th Parallel Magazine likes my poem!

I am so excited! The editors of 34th Parallel Magazine have enjoyed my poem entitled: Rapid and sent me notification of their interest to publish it. I subscribed to this magazine after reading about it in Poets & Writers. Last year I began ordering and reading some journals and magazines that I felt would be a … Continue reading 34th Parallel Magazine likes my poem!

Inside Out Literary Arts Project

  THE GREATEST NEWS I HAVE IS…. “I have an Internship!” This winter 2016 semester, I will be an Intern with the great folks over at Inside Out Literary Arts Project. As a [recently] published poet, I could not have found a better opportunity than this. Take a moment to read about all the wonderful … Continue reading Inside Out Literary Arts Project

New cooking forum I’m writing on

Latest news! I'm writing on a Cooking Forum called Twitchin Kitchen.  I began using that forum years ago when I started my very first Raw Food Journey and the groups have been great. They took a little hiatus and have now returned. I am starting a partnership with my friend Joan (she's the site owner … Continue reading New cooking forum I’m writing on