Best Tiny House Ever!

I have had a secret desire to build, live-in, and own, a tiny house. I don't think I would leave my current home to do this (because we just made some major upgrades!). However, I would definitely park one in my driveway to use as my writer's office or my very own "Pamper-me" room! If … Continue reading Best Tiny House Ever!

Nnedi Okoafor!

If you have not read any books written by Nnedi Okoafor, then you MUST join Wayne State University's Knit Lit group when we venture into Okoafor's Spider the Artist. via March Madness!!!! I have read Binti and am currently reading book #2 (Binti Home) of the trilogy. Okoafor's novels are amazingly captivating. The imagery takes the … Continue reading Nnedi Okoafor!

Carla Hayden: Librarian of Congress

This article was incredibly uplifting in a time of political uncertainty. We have the new President taking his place in the White House and so many Americans uplifted with the pledge to make America Great Again. We also have the discouragement felt each time he opens his mouth to speak publicly, resulting in some group … Continue reading Carla Hayden: Librarian of Congress

Farscape on Netflix and sleep-watching

Last night I fell asleep while binge-watching Farscape on Netflix. This morning, when I opened my browser to see the last thing I remembered watching, it was set to continue watching season four, episode 4, “Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing.” Even though that was the last thing playing when I fell asleep, there could have … Continue reading Farscape on Netflix and sleep-watching

Wong Kar Wai

 If the name doesn’t ring a bell with you, then you are not alone. Back in December of 2015, If I had been asked, “Who is Wong Kar Wai?” I might have shrugged my shoulders and kept walking. Today, I have a different response. If you searched Wong Kar Wai on the website, you’ll … Continue reading Wong Kar Wai

Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein

My copy of the Eber & Wein anthology (Where the Mind Dwells - Consolation) just came in the mail! I have one poem in this anthology. My piece is a contemplation of time. I thought about how it is divided, measure, and categorized. This piece shows how I relate to each day. After giving some … Continue reading Where the Mind Dwells, Eber & Wein